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Mulch Madness – Why Fall Mulching Is Important

September 26, 2018 by Suzy

In the winter months your soil can experience numerous freeze and thaw cycles which can be very traumatic on dormant plant roots. Applying mulch to your gardens before the colder weather sets in can help stabilize the soil temperatures and is one the best things you can do to guarantee a healthy garden in the spring. Mulching can also decrease “heaving.” This occurs when alternate temperature cycles cause a plant to be pushed out of the soil.

While the mulch may not prevent the soil from totally freezing, it does serve as a layer of insulation keeping the soil warmer while also providing much needed nutrients, and can make all the difference in your plants surviving the winter months.

Here are tips and suggestions for making the most of your fall mulching:

· Select a heartier mulch like wood that won’t blow away when those winter winds set in. Leaves may not stand a chance against the wind and can also mold in the damp conditions.

· While “intact” leaves may not be the best mulch for gardens, mowing your leaves into the lawn can be a huge help. The miniscule leaf shrapnel left behind are an excellent source of nitrogen that will help your grass look its best come spring.

· Don’t over-mulch. You want to leave “breathing” room for moisture to escape and if your mulch is layered too thick the moisture can get trapped.

· Keep mulch away from the sides of your house. You don’t want to trap moisture near your home’s foundation.

· Clean up your gardens before mulching. Harvest the last of your vegetables and remove any plant debris.

· When mulching around trees, bushes and shrubs don’t let the mulch pile up around the trunks or bases. When the mulch rests against them it can lock in the moisture which can lead to disease or rot.

· When temperatures consistently start warming up, you can gradually begin to remove the layer of mulch from Perennials to make it easier for new spring growth to break through. Don’t remove it too early or your young plants and flowers may be exposed to frost damage.

· Mulch can be both functional and visually appealing. Whether you’re covering a perennial garden in your front lawn or a vegetable garden in the back yard, Shreve Services offers a variety of mulch options that can be delivered right to your home so you can dig in, get started and get your gardens ready for their winter “naps.” Order online today and chose a Delivery time convenient for you. Visit today.